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Former Denver Mayor & City Auditor Wellington Webb

"Erik is a professional auditor who has done hundreds of audits countrywide and worldwide, including financial and performance audits. I served as Denver’s Auditor from 1987-1991 and I know that the job needs someone like Erik who will independently make sure our city is running efficiently."


Community Endorsements

"Erik is experienced and ready to take on this office. He's a professional with a track record"

Sandra O.

"Erik has been active in our community for years. I trust him to serve with integrity"

Brandon R.
Ruby Hill

"I am in awe of Erik's experience working in rural Afghanistan. He definitely doesn't back down from a challenge"

Kyle P.
Park Hill

"This is a big year for change. It's time for new leadership in this office. I'm excited to support Erik"

Jennifer B. Lincoln park

He's already a leader in his community. I think he's the right person for this job"

Roger W.

Climate change is a serious crisis and Erik actually has a plan to improve things locally"

Kristin P.

I'm voting for Erik because I trust him"

Dave g.

"I'm just glad he's running. We need more people like this running for office"

Tom c.
university park 

"Run Erik Run! He has my full support"

Lisa n.

"He's doing the work and showing up in every community. I like that he's connected to all of our neighborhoods"

john c.
Five points 

"He knocked on my door and answered all of my questions. I like him. He has my vote"

Mia e.

"Wonderful young man. Charitable, strong, good ideas. He has my vote"

rose c.

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